Dave Elliott

Since 1993 (when I installed a CERN httpd server on an spare machine in HP's Computer Language Lab), I've been an active participant in the explosive growth of the Web and Web technologies.


eBay Daily Deals
eBay Daily Deals Redesign (2012)
Developed the markup, CSS and JavaScript code for a complete redesign of eBay's Daily Deals page. Met a number of technical challenges including keeping the left navigation menu in sync with the items being displayed as the user scrolls the page. Supports multiple countdown timers, image resizing, lazy loading, and table-free layout.
Shopatico (2011-2014)
Shopatico has been an evolving part-time project for several years. It's a "virtual closet" site where users can create and share outfits ("looks") made with items they've purchased online or items they've seen on other sites. It also allows users to forward their emailed order confirmations from online retailers to Shopatico and the ordered items are automatically added to their closet. I designed and implemented every aspect of this site (layout, graphics, database, image processing, session management, email parsing, drag and drop outfit editor, social site integration.)
Callflow Authoring
LiveOps Callflow Authoring Design Studio (2011)
(screenshot | video)
During a call, the LiveOps Call Manager executes a finite state machine which contains the logic for requesting menu responses, playing audio clips, selecting a live agent and more. The Design Studio uses a highly interactive drag and drop interface to let the author define this logic by simple manipulation of building (actions). In addition to creating and controlling this interface, JavaScript code also performs the transformation of the resulting DOM hierarchy into a set of connected state elements for consumption by the Call Manager.
Cisco Systems
Cisco Product Selector (2008)
The Support section of Cisco.com was redesigned to allow task-based navigation. Key to this approach is the Product Selector. It contains a JSON representation of Cisco's product hierarchy and allows the user to easily find product information either by a search (with autosuggest) or by navigating through product categories. I was supplied a detailed UE specification and developed the DHTML, CSS and Velocity templates to create both a JS-enabled and JS-disabled version of the interface.
RelocationCentral Apartment Search (2005)
RelocationCentral (a Berkshire-Hathaway company) entered the self-service apartment search domain in 2005 against established players such as Rent.com and Apartments.com. As Senior User Experience Architect, I developed an innovative DHTML/Ajax-based single-screen interface that allows the user to modify criteria (bedrooms, rent, amenities) and perform new searches without refreshing the page or navigating to new pages.
The Web Academy
The Web Academy (2001)
I founded The Web Academy in 1995 as one of the first training organizations to concentrate on Web design and Web development. I created and delivered courses on HTML, JavaScript, CGI, CSS, XML and XSL. Attendees travelled from 47 states and 19 countries and included employees of Yahoo!, Netscape, AOL, Apple, Adobe, Sun, Orbitz and People magazine.
Glenwood Projects
Glenwood Projects (2000)
Growing up in a public housing project in Brooklyn may not sound like an idyllic childhood, but for thousands of former residents of Glenwood Projects (myself included), these were indeed "the best of times". Aimed at reuniting the army of kids that lived there in the '60s and '70s, this site has help re-establish old friendships, led to formal reunions and has evoked warm memories for all visitors.


Dave Elliott
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